Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Don't Wanna Twitter!

I am already Linked. I save Face at least weekly, if not daily. There is biznik. There is Ladies Who Launch. There is stuff happening in person too and of course, there's this bodacious blog! One list I am on - (join it!) - keeps talking about the virtues of Twitter and an Internet reality business show I have been following off and on mentioned it last night too. So I asked someone who is more plugged in than I am (and I am pretty plugged in for a busy mommy) and she said yeah. It's not a waste of time. Darn it! Like I need one more thing to keep up with! I want to rebel. I want to run. I want to keep my eyes closed to this phenomeneon but darn it, I have a business to grow and a book to finish writing. I can't afford to hide in the corner.

It's up, you know. Twitter. On another screen, baiting me to come look at it. Yeah, yeah. I hear you. Sucking me into one more thing to get addicted to.

By the way, I need good salespeople. One really great one will do but I'm willing to talk to a few. Here's my ad. Know anyone? Send them my way!

We need help. We create unique, fun jigsaw puzzles - greeting card jigsaw puzzles and custom jigsaw puzzles. We are a 3-year-old, home-based company founded on the third principle of the Nguzo Saba - Ujima, which means Collective Work & Responsibility. We are dedicated to promoting the collective and creative works of all cultures for the purpose of providing quality, authentic, multicultural puzzles and educational products. We are a dynamic duo with complementary gifts and talents and the shared gift of helping others in a variety of ways. We need someone with a passion for sales who can see our vision and help us turn leads into sales. We need you to be able to operate within our parameters of putting people first and always striving to do the right thing despite the general consensus. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY IF YOU NEED TO BE PAID NOW. We need you to work by commission only and help us get where we know we are destined to be so that we can all share in the coming success. If interested, please email us at We would like someone in CT but we are open to finding someone from any location with a passion equal to our own.

Ta ta. Off to Twitter!

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