Friday, June 20, 2008

Sweet Summer!

Where did the Spring go? It was in and out, haunted by Fall temperatures and Summer sun but it never really had its chance to shine. Still, it was as much my chance to bloom as the rest of nature.

I wrapped up my incubator and I joined the business network I've been looking to join. If you have a business in any stage or if you just want to make some personal changes in your life, I really think Ladies Who Launch is an excellent resource for all that and more. The incubator was so inspiring and motivational and even though I am a self-motivator, it propelled me even more to do things I might have been dragging my feet to do. So I'm content in the possibilities and focusing one huge thing for next year but we have to see if we'll even get the chance to do it. In the meanwhile, my local paper interviewed us after I sent them a press release on a teen sales program we are launching. A few buyers have asked to see samples and my plan is to hound them until I get an answer one way or another. More samples are going out to trade publications and blogs and I'm hoping for the best. I've reconnected with my sorority and even though they are too far for me to go to monthly meetings, it's good just to expand my network in that direction. It's one of my avenues for giving back and my chance to help some younger people make their own marks in the world. It's good.

Today I force myself to step back from it all. Well, OK, I do have to mail a few things and I do need to make one phone call to get some clarity on the show we hope to do next year but after that - or maybe I'll be doing all this en route - is Daughter's preschool graduation. Time to watch her shine now and I know she will be smiling and singing her heart out. It's just her way. My little leader. Of course, she then has to turn around and go back to the school for the month of July until it's time to go see the grands but she knows the next step is going to her brother's school and getting on that school bus. My children and my business are growing up. Yay.

Oh, and so is my brother. My niechew has officially become a nephew and in 5 more months he's here. I wonder if I can sneak down there for the weekend when he gets here. I'm sure I'll figure something out so I can hold that baby while he's brand new. I LOVE brand new. But no, not ready for my own yet.

Now it's off to finish breakfast. We are taking the kids to Hershey Park for the weekend and they don't know it and there is still much to do. Catch you all later.

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