Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Don't Stop Now!

I am taking a brief moment from my crazed life to say:


Now, to the regularly registered Democrats and to the usually Independents (like me) who jumped back on the Democratic team to help pull the load, I want to say "UNITED WE STAND."

If Hillary was your woman, I understand. She put up a fight that I don't think I've seen since her hubby ran for president back when I was finally able to vote for the first time. She was valiant. She was strong. She continues to be a worthy opponent. But she is gone. Please. Please. Please. Democrats. Do not be bitter. Be better. No, she should NOT be his VP. I just don't see her there but to be perfectly frank, I think the country is trying to embrace the thought of a black man or woman as president as it is. Put them together and I honestly think it would be a losing battle. Give the man a chance with someone who can really help him win. This is politics. Don't be naive. Red tape and ole' boys continue to reign.

Don't go off and pout. Don't not vote or throw your lot in with McCain just "to show Barack." That is stupid. Shooting yourself in the foot. Cutting off your nose to spite your face. (Insert your own cliche here.) Please be mature and please think of the common good. We need change and we all know that. He can't do much worse than the GOP has, can he? Well, just give him a chance to prove you or me wrong.

Show the Republicans that the Democrats can get the job done. Put the deserving man in office in November. (In case you missed the point, that would be Barack Obama.)

That is all.

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