Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kill The Cat!

So this weekend I finished painting my office/guest room; 2 coats all by myself, thank you very much! Now to paint the family room and foyer and I’m planning to go tape them off after work throughout the rest of this week and get samples on the walls so we can start painting soon before that new carpet goes in. We still have to put the carpet down in Daughter's room and now it's even more pressing because she and Son were playing in there and he tripped over a closed can of paint (or so I thought) and out it poured all over that old carpet. A big blue spot that looks like the Cat in the Hat paid a visit and melted there. Thank God it was the old carpet, not that paint would have been in there if the new stuff was down.

We had the family room carpet pulled up too to give the room a chance to air out. But we can still smell that stupid cat the former owner had! So since we’re not pulling up the foyer carpet until we’re ready to replace it with flooring, we need to steam clean it to hopefully get the final cat smell out of the house.

I did do about 4 trips back and forth on Saturday and another 4 on Sunday moving stuff out of my mother-in-law’s basement to my house, sorting through packed away toys, lining the cabinets and drawers, washing loads of dishes that haven’t seen the light of day in 2 years and doing loads of clothes at my house AND hers all while making a run to the dump and to Goodwill to get rid of more stuff. I worked from about 8 to 8 both days WITH the kids in tow and I went to work this past snowy Monday very tired but happy to have done that much!

So, any suggestions on how to kill the cat smell? Yuck! So far we're planning to steam clean (with 2 messy kids, we own our own) and someone also suggested I bomb the house. All suggestions welcome!

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Looney Mom said...

You can find some odor removers at pet stores. I went to petsmart.com and looked up odor remover. I think there were at least 14 different kinds. I hope that helps.