Saturday, May 27, 2006

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Another wonderful 3-day weekend and my husband is working overtime - again. So what am I doing? Looking at email and Googling "Find out how much of a mortgage I can afford". I look, I discuss with my MIL (mother-in-law) who is a real estate agent, we agree on how it SHOULD be done and then I'm back to my email where I see my favorite coach's newsletter, Valorie Burton, and she has this site which has an AUDIO blog. I love it! I look, I read and I decide. Yes, I will finally start a blog of my own. Now what to call it? And I come across this site where Christopher from Colorado had a perfect description of my life that leant itself to a perfect acronymn. So I had to go with it. It think was just meant to be.

What I am juggling is marriage, my kids, my job (which I love), my business (which I equally love), my writing, my temper (Yeah, I confess. I'm impatient and easily angered.), my Christian beliefs and my desire for more. Sounds like enough to keep me busy writing, right? Hopefully it will be interesting for others to read because this isn't meant to be private, and because it isn't I will be protecting the innocent wherever possible.

Who am I? That's me up there contemplating the veracities - as a high school friend used to say - and looking off into a pretend distance because you guys needed to see a photo. Over here are my reasons for all I do - Son and Daughter. You thought I'd post their names? Don't be silly! And yes, this means husband's name will be - Husband.

Some questions I shall explore:
Why do I have a better "marriage" with my business partner?
Can I do it all and I'm just procrastinating, or am I delusional?
When the heck are we going to buy a house? When? WHEN?

Now, this is my intro. Are you still awake? I will do another post today to kind of catch you up on things. Knowing myself and my non-stop train of thought, I'm likely to post twice a day for awhile but for now, I've got to see this baby in action! I've already been in and out of here at least 5 times, publishing and republishing because I am a writer after all and a professional copy editor and how would it look if I had silly misspellings and weird spacings.

Oh and by the way, welcome to the Kindergarten class of my life! I hope you love color as much as I do because I intend to have lots of it - literally and figuratively, but not off color. No. I don't do that. I am a Christian, after all, and a mommy. But there's nothing like a new box of crayons - the aroma, the bright hues, the possibilities, the attempt to not break that perfect blunt point - and this pretty pink (no choice) blog is my new box of crayons. Pass the purple please!

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