Monday, June 07, 2010

Car for the Course

A month. It's been a whole month! Too sad. So now what am I up to? Oh the usual. The business has been busy, as have we. We have had jobs every month so far, thus my delinquency over here on my personal blog. I have finally taken on a virtual assistant to help do the things I can do but that take a lot of time to do so I can focus on other things, like the membership program we recently implemented. That was actually a lot of fun to put together because we were thinking about what we can do for our current customers, as well as new people who come along. And now we have someone we don't know in a state nowhere near us wanting to sell our puzzles.

It's been good.

And now I am looking for a new(er) car because mine needs to take a long break, or go to someone else who is willing to put the money into it that I no longer am. This is what I have now:

She's been good to me for 10 years. I love love love her. She can handle anything and I can't tell you how many times strangers have offered to buy her (I'm talking people following me into parking lots here, folks), but it's time to part ways. Trouble is I have never had a car payment before so I am not looking forward to that part of things. I need to keep this as easy as possible while I continue working on aspects of the business to help make things easier down the road for all of us. Plus I still have credit card debt that I want to kill. So I'll probably go smaller and do this:

It's a Nissan Versa and that may even be the color I get since the ones I found were either gray or white and I really don't want to do white if I don't have to. I've seen some lovely 2007s and 2008s that won't make me feel robbed. I think this one can keep up with me the way my Honda does now. Hopefully I'll make the purchase this month so I can put this whole car thing behind me because I'm just not into this right now. However, the reason I think I may do this (other than the fact that the car is cute enough for my taste and I had a good test drive yesterday), is because I told myself that if I get rid of the credit cards the way I want, then in 2 or 3 years I'll upgrade to a luxury SUV of some sort. Preferably an orange one. Now that I think of it, this is a fantastic incentive. I think it's time to fixate on a car to help keep the goal in mind - more business growth and no more credit card debt that can't be paid off in one month.

Yeah. That just made me a happy girl.

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