Friday, January 16, 2009

That's It. We NEED Help.

I'm sick of this. There is so much we need to do for our business and so much we want to do too. There are people to respond to and people to reconnect with and opportunities to look into as well as create. There are doors still cracked for us and I want to walk through!

We have been on that precipice far too long. Just because Bizzy Girl and I are full-time workers and mothers, does not mean we can't do this but we need help and we know it. We've always known it but help = time and time = money and money is something we can't dish out right now.

Although. Maybe.

If we think really hard.

And maybe if we get money back from taxes again. (I love having an accountant.)

There is ONE person we know who can do some of the job I am creating in my head. Not all of it, though. I'd like it all in one person. But still maybe we could come up with a figure and we would be somebody's project for the year and we'd pay a project fee.


Village Works is all about the village concept and it's necessary to call on other people sometimes, you know?

Well, this was just one part venting post and one part me writing things down in order to make it a reality.

So who is my dream personal assistant? Why let me tell you!

He or she is:

  • local, first and foremost. I want to look in their eyes regularly.
  • creative
  • administrative
  • professional
  • eloquent in written and spoken word
  • a good representative of us
  • has clear understanding of what we do and want to do and who we are - the vision
  • trustworthy
  • organized
  • fast
  • independent
  • either willing to work for experience/commission to start or sooooo affordable for us right now
  • able to work just 1 hour per week for us at the very least. We don't have to be your all. We could be just one of the projects you work on.
  • willing to sign a non-disclosure
This list is just the start. I may add to it but finding someone who has all this is my goal. Nope, not my dream. Forget that word for this. This has now become a goal.

NOTE: FYI. Have you voted for us yet? Check this out. We'd REALLY appreciate it if you do and you can do it every day until March 31, 2009 PT.

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