Wednesday, September 03, 2008

McCain and Veep "Palin" Comparison

So I had to say something. I can't let my extreme activity stop me from stating what I think is becoming more and more obvious now: I do believe we are about to get our first African-American president.

It's more real to me now than ever before. I watched the bulk of the Dem convention, although a few days late since I had to tape it when it originally ran. Michelle was compelling. Hillary was convincing. Barack was simply captivating. But will the good old boys stop the show? It looks like even they are being outnumbered. Still, we had to wait to see. And Hillary, by the way, is probably not 100% thrilled that Barack got the nod. She's not supposed to be! The woman has a right to be upset, so let her and let's stop trying to make her pretend it's OK. She lost. Don't be a sore loser, but it's OK to be sad by the loss. Maybe if she admitted it, her posse would stop being so vindictive giving votes to the Republicans just to spite the black man.

Then McCain made his VP pick. At first glance, I thought it a cunning move to grab Hillary's people. I know I didn't see it coming. But as we learned more about this woman, I began to think it was the dumbest thing he could have done. Now, I give him a thumbs up for giving the finger to convention and going with a woman. For people like me, history will be made either way. It's a victory for this country, whether we want to believe it or not. But an unknown from step-state Alaska? Come on! When I think of her, I keep seeing re-runs of Northern Exposure in my head!

She seems smart, capable, personable and all that. But I do NOT want this woman running the country when old McCain has a health issue. And you just KNOW he's going to have health issues. Come on folks. He's OLD! Yes, I'm being ageist right now. Sue me. The man is past retirement. Now is not the time to take on the most stressful job in country! So Palin will run the show when he can't? You think she can? I don't.

And Bush. Making history by being the first President to not show up at his own party's convention in what? 40 some years or something like that? Niiiice.

I tell you it's like McCain is handing the reigns to Obama. And thank you much if you are, dear sir. The choice of Palin does at least make that stupid concern about Barack's experience no longer a matter of such consequence, I say. Now maybe people can focus on his message and not be blinded by his youth. And the fact that her teen-age daughter is pregnant? Who cares! With Laura Bush I must agree. This wouldn't have been an issue if she were a man. Nevertheless, as nice as this woman may be, Palin is no Hillary Clinton and is not an adequate stand in for her. It's amazing that Hillary's own people are being duped into thinking she is.

I just hope the non-voters out there are finally stimulted enough to go out and cast a vote in the most fascinating race in a VERY long time. And with enough of those - on Baracks' side, of course - maybe we can outnumber the vindictive voters, the uninspired uninformed, and racist right-wing and give this country a real chance to find out what it's like to work together for a real change.

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