Friday, September 05, 2008

Eyes Half Closed, I Am Still in The Race

My kids are in school. So why am I the one exhausted already?

I have been trying to make sure to be home by 8 each night so I can have both my ears pulled by their stories and their questions and their list of things they need BY TOMORROW. Checking homework that isn't really in depth just yet. Figuring out who will eat the next day's school lunch and who won't. Covering text books (think I'm done now). Baths, laundry, cleaning in an effort to not be too overwhelmed the next morning. My refrigerator REALLY needs cleaning but there's too much stuff in there right now and I'm too lazy to pull it all out. But maybe I will this weekend. Daughter got a hold of a toy catalog and is regaling me with her Christmas wish list, marking up about 75% of the catalog with things she "needs" and Son "needs" and the back yard is "empty. So we need to get stuff back there so we can play." Yes, your highness.

I have a to-do list at work that is miles long and my own to-do list isn't as long but it's VERY involved. Last night I was hoping to fold laundry and read a little bit while Mr. T watched football. But the business emails I had to go through first took longer than I expected and the laundry was actually 3 loads sitting around waiting for me, because clearly I'm the only one in the whole house who knows how to put seams together and fold.

And then McCain made his speech. I'm curious about him so I listened. It was all I could do not to fall asleep. The speech was uninspired and uninspiring. The man clearly has nothing on his Veep, that's for sure, but he solidified one thing for me - I do NOT want him running the show.

I've got a mortgage to refinance. I've got kids who want the moon. I've got a car that I think wants to retire but it has to keep working for me. I've got a business I can't give the proper time to. I've got a husband who works two jobs and yes, he loves to work, but I hate the thought of him working overtime some days, which means the kids need to get off the school bus at Nana's house and that increases the likelihood of them getting off at the wrong bus stop again and then I'll have TWO misplaced children. I've got a job that I love but that needs a ton of my time - just like everything and everyone else. I don't see McCain being able to empathize with me. Frankly, I don't see Palin in my boat either.

I need debates now. That where the differences will show up. I was just telling a friend earlier that I am glad things have gone the way they have because there's a black man on one side and a woman on the other. If you hate one, you'll go for the other out of spite. But guess what? Racists and sexists all have to bite the bullet on this one because you will get one or the other like it or not, baby. So what's your choice? To forget the unimportant stuff like race and gender, and actually LISTEN to these people and pick the best person for YOU and YOUR family. Maybe hate will spur people to vote! What a concept!

I'll be watching it all through sleepy eyes, I'm sure, but I know I'll be wide awake when it's time to vote. If you haven't registered yet, get your butt in gear. It takes SECONDS and you'd wait longer than that to get into a club or to buy the latest cell phone. Look at your family or just consider your life and make a choice.

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