Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Little Housekeeping

I am stalling. A ton of stuff to do and I have no reason to not do them. I don't dislike any of the things I have to do. I just get easily distracted sometimes...or maybe not. I zone in on something and no matter what else I have to do, I just want to focus on that one thing but that one thing may not be the thing I should be doing at the moment - like now.

So I thought I'd see about clearing some old stuff out of ye olde blog and maybe adding some fun stuff. Saw the library feature a few times before so I finally added it but I'm not sure yet if it's keeping up with my list or not. Already there are a few books missing from there. But I'll give it some time. I don't think I'll ever add every single book I've read, though I did add a few past favorites, but it's just something to track the stuff from now on.

Then I thought I'd do a different blog roll. It was acting fishy for a while and there was a lot of back and forth and deleting and canceling, then renaming and rearranging until it makes a little more sense to me now and the stuff I like is now properly divided.

I even cleared out a few things and added some others like a proper slideshow of some of our puzzles! Now THAT will be easier to keep up to date. And there is also some online writing I've done and a recent podcast where BizzyGirl and I were interviewed. Yeah, I know I'm letting you guys a little deeper into my world but how much can I really hide anyway, huh? Actually, I don't WANT to hide, I simply will continue to keep my family as nondescript as possible - save for the millions of pictures I share of my kids because they are perfect. I'm sure I could even add some more stuff if I wanted to but I think I've done enough for one day.

Back to the more pressing tasks at hand.

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