Monday, May 12, 2008

Trash Talk

A lovely, windy Saturday spent saying Happy Birthday to Trash-O-Saurus.

Son and Daughter go on a treasure hunt.

He's looking. She's looking. Who will finish first? (He did.)

While I wait, pictures of Unidentified Discarded Objects. (Well, ok. They were cans.)

Ummm! A cake shaped like a trashy dinosaur. Yum!

And free ice cream too!

Photo opp inside an indescribable house of gar-bahge.

Schoolchildren wow us with their eco-friendly creations.

And college students too!

It's a twister!

What a load of garbage!

What a close-up load of plastic garbage!

Some boxes to amaze you.

And the Bridgeport Bluefish (yeah baby, Connecticut has baseball!) stopped by to say hi too.

Time to make our birthday hats.

And wear them too.

"Mommy! Take my picture!"

Hmm, if I put this here, it will balance the other side. "Mommy, get me the raisins please!"

Nothing like throwing trash at each other inside a cage to have a little fun!

Where is Son? Hiding inside the glassfault sculpture.

Then it's home to upload all the pictures. Another busy day for us.

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