Friday, February 22, 2008

What Time Is It?

It's our first REAL snow in The Nutmeg State. Since Son is on school break and Daughter's preschool is closed and Mr. T. said he had to work overtime, I find myself working from home - sorta. I'm online with my job but really I wasn't thinking before I left last night so I'm not as prepared to work from home as I could be. But work actually had me trolling blogs and I was checking out this blogger and reading through some of her stuff when I came across an interesting little quiz.

I took it twice, first answering the way I wanted to for most and the best answer for the rest, though I was torn. Then I went back and stuck with the sure-thing answers and then for the rest answered the way I kinda wanted to answer the first time around but ummm, ohh maybe that other answer fits better? I got the same results both times. Hmm. I'm a little surprised but then again, kids really do change one's ways, I think. Spouses have a harder time pulling that off but kids? Yeah, we might change a little for them.

See what time YOU are.

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