Tuesday, February 05, 2008

History in the Making

Did you vote? You'd better! I am normally unaffiliated but I had to register myself in a party because I could not let the opportunity to help put a black man in office get away from me. Mind you, if a white woman makes it, I'll be thrilled. Not AS thrilled, but thrilled.

Daughter and I got out early enough to go vote this morning. No one was in there, surprisingly, so I sailed through. As I took Daughter to school afterward, I gushed about the history she was living right now and didn't know it. Hopefully it will be old hat by the time she's old enough to vote.

There ought to be equally history-making voting going on this year. If you are a woman and never voted before, you ought to get your lazy butt registered and get out there. If you are a so-called minority, same goes for you - ANY minority. Don't you see we can actually put one of these two in power if we ALL vote? Not going to be home? There is such thing as an absentee ballot.

There is no excuse for us not banning together to make this happen. White men with money will always be around and there will always be the "powerful" ones looking to buy an election. Let's not give them the satisfaction this time around.

When it's your state's turn to primary, VOTE! When the general election hits, VOTE! Only then will you be able to take credit when history is made this year.

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