Friday, October 12, 2007

The Sweet Smell of Adolescence

Nope. Not ready to put that post up yet. Or the one that came after it. I know. I know. Hurry up, already. Well, the person we are surprising has yet to get her surprise so I STILL can't post. Now, because Co-worker 1 is going to be away for a week, we have to wait until SHE gets back. Everything is postponed until the 22nd. You can hang on, can't you?

Here's a little something else in the meanwhile.

At what age does a kid become, um, an olfactory challenge? For Son it is 7 years, 7 months. Mark the day, my boy. October 11, 2007 was the first time ever I told you. "Pew! You stink!" And you didn't even have gym at school that day!

"Mr. T! You let Son put on pajamas?!"


"You didn't smell him a mile away? Son, go over there and stand next to your daddy."

Mr. T. passes out.

"Son, PLEASE go take a bath!"

Time for deodorant, dear boy. And at 7 years, 7 months, - seven being the number of completion - it's very fitting. Another rite of passage completed. Oh, and he also has some little penguin girl declaring her love for him online - some girl from school, he says - and he's given her a heart but I told him, "No way! Take it back! You are too young to giving away your heart." One rite of passage at a time, thank you very much.

1 comment:

Theresa said...

In my experience, I've raised 3 boys, they smell horrible from about 8 to about 21.

Just ask any mother of a teenage boy.

Capt's son, age 10, is the exception though, he loves to take showers and I've never had to hold my nose around him.

And the Penguin thing, it's all the rage!!!!