Saturday, October 13, 2007

October Babies

I am sitting here right now fuming. I have errands to run and bills to pay because - surprise! - my job paid us today instead of waiting until Monday. Thank you! So I was able to do some things now that I thought I'd have to wait until Monday to do. Son will be surprised when he finds out I got him a Club Penguine membership. I wonder how long it will take for him to figure it out on his own? Daughter's birthday present was blissfully about $10 cheaper when last I saw it and since it's going directly to the store, I save on shipping too. A Dora Kitchen. She's been bugging us for one for a solid year or more. She turns 4 on the 28th and we finally have our own space so why not?

So I "do my math" as I call it, figure out the bills and try to hurry up because Son has a birthday party to go to later today and I have 2 bathrooms I want to clean but I've got to go get some gloves and a few other things. Cleaning behind males can be gross, you know.

Almost done and what does Son come to tell me?

"Daughter closed your door and now we cna't open it."

"I'm sorry?"

"We tried to open it but it won't open."

All the bedroom doors have locks on them. The woman before us only had 1 kid and I think he was a teen so this was probably never a concern for her. But I have 2 chimpmunks, one in particular who INSISTS on running around slamming doors when they play. This time somehow she locked MINE and I AM RIGHT NOW LOCKED OUT OF MY BEDROOM not yet showered or dressed with bills to pay and errands to run before this party and I am ready to strangle her.

One of my co-workers just had a baby. He wasn't there at the time we were talking about his daughter's impending arrival but I was talking with a few other people, another of whom is also expecting a child this month, and I told them, "Watch out for those October babies. I think it may be more the girls than the boys but they are a challenge."

One of my immediate co-workers (she's a friend now, really but I don't want you to get confused) asked me if she was really a challenge.

"They are a challenge. MINE is a challenge."

I have a friend whose daughter was born in October 3 1/2 years before mine and when I started telling her stuff Daughter did she laughed and said, "October babies." She could predict what I was going to say! Another friend of ours has a daughter who was born in October and she is older than both our girls. When my friend started saying things about her Daughter to this mutual friend he laughed and said, "October babies."

He warned her. She warned me. Now I warn others because these girls have been alike - stubborn, obstinant, always wanting something that costs a lot of money. The immediate co-worker, when I told her Daughter was a challenge says, "Really? A challenge? My son is a challenge." She tells us of tantrums and things he has destroyed and I agree, Daughter is not like that. But what co-worker sees as cute - she's met Daughter - I assure her is not always easy to live with. Right now her age saves her and yes, she is darn cute. I always want to kiss her.

But not right now. Dear co-worker friend, YOU are probably off having fun right now. I am sitting here blogging instead of running errands HOPING Mr. T knows how to jimmy this lock so we don't have to break down a perfectly good door in a perfectly new house because Daughter can't stop closing doors. I TOLD you she is a challenge.

October babies. They are never a bore but if you're having one, baby beware!

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