Wednesday, July 26, 2006

And Now For A Word from Our Sponsor

Momentary break from work.

I'm in that funky in-between place where the size I was wearing isn't fitting right anymore but most of the clothes I have for summer are about 2 sizes smaller than I am right now. So I am stuck most mornings wondering what to wear. Sick of what I have but refusing to buy anything right now. I made Son late for camp this morning because of my indecision. Of course I always go back to the old reliables, but now I need to wash clothes! It's not easy being me! LOL!

OK, so the photo isn't ME per se, but it's effective. Don't you think?

I'm down 8 pounds and despite the clothing challenges, I'm happy.


Sounds in the car this morning:
Son: I win!
Daughter: I win!
Son: I was in the car first so I win!
Daughter whining: I win!
Tired Mommy: You both lose. Be quiet.
Daughter: Baby.
Son: You're the baby!
Daughter: He called me a baby!
Son: Mom-my! She called me a baby!
Spaced Out Mommy: (Silence)
Daughter: Stoop (They know they are not allowed to say Stupid so long ago Daughter took to saying Stoop as if Mommy was too Stoop to know what she was saying.)
Son: She called me stooo!
Sleepy Mommy: (More Silence. Maybe they will get sick of talking.)
Come on August 4th! I've got a plane to 3 weeks of peace waiting with my name on it! Grandma and Grandpa are welcome to take over for a while!

I didn't tell you we finished that scrapbook at 7 p.m. on Sunday night. I couldn't laminate the cover like I wanted because I had to go pick paper that would melt in the heat. So I had to use contact paper. I'll never understand how I am supposed to lay the paper, pull the backing and smooth it all in one fell swoop. You've got to be Vishnu to pull it off effectively. But it is done and Son was proud. Husband did a good job too, relatively speaking. Someone had to take the pictures of us thinking. (I'll show you those later.) And did I remember to take a picture of it? Nope. But camp is over this week so it should be back home soon to be stored away in the annals of kindergarten history.


I did a seminar last weekend that talked about what kind of worker I am. My business partner is in a program that is helping us save money for the business and these little classes here and there are part of the requirements. She couldn't attend the seminar so I was allowed to go in her place. It was wonderful talking about this stuff because I love anything that has to do with explaining why people are the way they are and do what they do, which is why counseling is still very much on my radar in terms of a 3rd career when I hit my 40s.

So the assessment was called DiSC and in part of discovering my letter, I found out that I am not the only one with a compulsive need to multi-task and a need for speed. Apparently I am a C - Conscientious - and I have a need to be accurate; I have high standards.

I hate being transparent but I do have fun with this. At least I am in the Objective Thinker pattern and not the Perfectionist pattern. Is that a good thing? Apparently it's a small percent of the population that's mainly one letter. My other 3 letters were too far below the blue line for any of them to be considered a secondary trait. A long time ago I did a mini Meyers-Briggs test as part of the Chaplain Internship I did at a local hospital. I think I was an INFP. Apparently that too is only a small percentage of the population, but in a room full of chaplain interns, it was like 4 out of 6 of us that tested that way. If I did the test today, I think I'd be an Extrovert but I can't afford to take the test again right now. Didn't you hear? The Emperess needs new clothes.

OK. Enough updating for now. Back to sleep, uh, I mean work.

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