Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My friend Kerri is in captivity. She's bed on hospitalized bed rest since last month and she's losing her poor mind. Baby is coming Thursday, though! I wanted to see about carrying on a meme she did on her blog, Six Until Me.

Me? I need a nap right now. Between creating a sample book allll day Staurday and looking for a virtual assistant and all the stuff going on at work, I needed a little break myself. So let's see how I answer these questions. Feel free to meme it up on your blog too!

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth? Just ate a Wendy's fish sandwich that I got 2 hours ago, but couldn't eat because the fried filled me. Now if I can just keep the darn office dog out of my trash.

2. Where was your profile picture taken?
With the iMac at my job.

3. Can you play Guitar Hero? Never have, likely never will.

4. Name someone who made you laugh today? My nephew! You should see his 1-year-old self babbling and celebrating God knows what. Life, I guess. He makes me happy.

5. How late did you stay up last night and why? About 12:30, because I wanted to chill a bit before I fell asleep, I insist on it, so I watched some taped stuff - House and a little bit of How I Met Your Mother before my eyes called it quits.

6. If you could move somewhere else, would you? When I am older, yes. For now, I am happy to live in my house that I own and to let my kids experience the same people from school to school to school.

7. Ever been kissed under fireworks? Hmm, they cause fireworks, but under them? Don't think so. Ask me again July 5th.

8. Which of your friends lives closest to you on your FaceBook list?
The VERY closest is my sister-in-law who lives around the corner, but I have a friend equally close the other direction on my street. Kind of sad we're Facebook friends, right?

9. Do you believe exes can be friends?
I've seen it happen.

10. How do you feel about Dr Pepper? Can him.

11. When was the last time you cried really hard? Beats me. Maybe I'm overdue. Wah!

12. Who took your profile picture? Me, myself and I. Gotta do better.

13. Who was the last person you took a picture of?
One of my kids. I think my son after he won his 4th-place trophy in the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby Race.

14. Was yesterday better than today?
Eh. It was better because I was already home at this point, but today I have more done so I guess that wins.

15. Can you live a day without TV? As long as my DVR is working, sure thing.

16. Are you upset about anything? Tired right now. Not upset. Just need a nap.

17. Do you think relationships are ever really worth it? What?! If all you get are the kids like I have, then heck yeah! But if you get someone to play with when you're old, like I have, then all the better.

18. Are you a bad influence?
I wish.

19. Night out or night in? In! In! Kick the kids out and stay in!

20. What items could you not go without during the day?
Chapstick, hands down.

21. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital? Whew. Not sure I recall.

22. What does the last text message in your inbox say?
It's a 1SaleADay message from Twitter. You don't wanna know.

23. How do you feel about your life right now? When I think about what I've experienced and what I've been blessed with, I still ask God to pinch me.

24. Do you hate anyone?
Hate is a strong word. No one has done anything to me that requires that.

25. If we were to look in your Facebook inbox, what would we find?
Waaaay too many pages I should see and games people are playing and I really should just hit delete.

26. Say you were given a drug test right now, would you pass? Not sure. Just took 2 Advil. Does that show up?

27. Has anyone ever called you perfect before? Not to my face.

28. What song is stuck in your head?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XNaPX6MKlU - You asked. Now Mary J. is in YOUR head too. And oh, Terrence Howard is in this video so excuse me while I hang here a bit.

I'm back.

29. Someone knocks on your window at 2:00 a.m., a secret lover or George Clooney?
My husband just forgot something.

30.Wanna have grandkids before you’re 50? That would mean my son would be about 20. Better not!

31. Name something you have to do tomorrow?
Work. What else is new?

32. Do you think too much or too little? I give myself a headache. Answers your question?

33. Do you smile a lot? Eh. Enough.

Bonus Round...

34. How many hours a day do you spend on the computer?
I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may make me seem like I ignore those people I live with.

35. If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be? I keep seeing people with bigger issues than me. Can I just be me?

36. Facebook or Twitter? Twitter is faster.

37. Chicken or Beef?
Chicken is cheaper.

38. Mac or PC? At home, I'm PC down but if I ever win a Mac (Hey. I attract computers. This COULD happen.), I'm all for it.

39. Have you ever punched anyone in the face? Ohhhh, how I'd want to, but it looks like it hurts!

40. Last music received or purchased?
Got Whitney's single Million Dollar Bill on iTunes. Sure hope she gets her act together.

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Derby Monkey said...

I like #14. I think that was the last pic I took... my son at his Pinewood Derby race. Great list.