Friday, July 31, 2009

Stepping Up My Technical Game

I am a blogger. Yes I am. But I am not heavy duty. I don't vlog (yet). I don't carry a little camera everywhere I go so I can take great photos to share with you. Wait. I have a cell phone so yes! Yes I DO carry a little camera everywhere I go. Score one for me! So I guess I just need the ability to easily video tape now and I can add a little spice to my blog's life. Kerri said I must go to BlogHer next year because it's in NY and so, I will try because she's right - I should go. Because I am a blogger - allegedly.

I will get the blog look updated too. Hopefully before October and that will help keep things fresh and me interested in what I am doing. (I do bore easily so I need things to at least look different from time to time.) Yes. These changes are planned but not before I finish paying for recent car repairs. And not before I buy a new cell phone a whole 6 or more months early. (Think I'm going with the LG EnV3 this time around but color choices are pathetic so if I can't do better than slate blue by October 4th, then slate blue it will be and I'll have to get covers for the variety of it.)

Now what will I vlog about? Hmm. I don't have a cartoon life like some people I know. (They know who they are.) Nothing really happens to me that leaves you going, "What the heck?! That really happened?" I don't think I'm a particularly strange person. Controlling? Yes. Opinionated? Very. Overall, I think I'm a nice person with a mean streak when I'm really annoyed. And I am a perfectionist. None of this makes for interesting video fodder. Thankfully, I have very entertaining children. That does help. But basically, I'm

Today, for instance, I am going to leave work and go to another mall to return a top I got that I was hoping matched a purple gypsy (prairie, call it what you will) skirt. It's one of those skirts where the color is light at the top and gets darker as it goes down. I adore the skirt and of course the color because I can never have too much purple in my life, but I couldn't find anything to go with it when I bought it at that wonderful sale price. "Aw, I'll find something." It's been a hunt every since and I HATE shopping (as I get older, my tolerance level for this activity drops more and more.) so this has been one big pain in the butt. If you did not know this already, not all purple is created equal. I think summer white is the only thing you can buy in pieces and know it will work with another summer white piece. Anything else is a crapshoot. So would this be worth vlogging about? Eh, maybe. If I took you shopping with me so I can torture you too while I find purples that don't go with what I have. But that would just make the experience last longer, so I guess you'd have to wait until it was over and I told you whether or not I succeeded.

OK, ok, ok. I got a litle sidetracked. The other technical thing I'd have to do after I finally get a video camera (I already know what to get. I have techies all around me with suggestions.), is figure out the uploading part but I'm not a novice. I'll figure it out. I just don't feeeel like figuring it out. But I do feeeel like making things a little more interesting around here. So I guess I'll go on a little Internet hunt for other little things I can do to make you, my precious reader, oh so happy to come visit me every once in awhile.

And when I get my EnV3, I should be able to take those waiting-room moments to visit all of you a little more regularly too. Because being online all day and all night is just not enough, eh? I must share allll of my life with you! Well, some more of it maybe.

Anyway, got any techie tricks you'd like to share? I'm all ears. But for now, I'm going to go sit in traffic and wish I had a camera so you all could watch me doing nothing but complain about traffic. Oh happy day!

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