Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Desires for 2009

Emptying my head on virtual paper right now, planning what the business needs/wants to do for 2009. But while I'm thinking about that, a.k.a reality, I am also thinking about how things would be in an ideal world where time and money are not a concern.

What do I want to see happen in 2009? Well there's a personal level and a business level and I suppose the twain meet quite often. And no, this is not a resolution list. I don't do resolutions. I have goals and to-do lists that change all the time. Resolutions are mental prisons. I am free.

Now personally, I have two things that are my realistic goals:
1 - Seriously think about and work toward MAAAAYYBE planning for a baby next year. Can I be less concrete here? The physical prep for it can only do me good even if we decide against it but for now I want to act like it will be a go.
2 - Finish the freakin' book proposal! Spent the fall and start of winter working on the new line of greeting cards but that's not an excuse anymore.

Business-wise, I have a list of ideals. If someone said, "Monica, tell me what you want and I will make it happen," this is what I'd want:
1 - 8 more stores across the country gung-ho to sell our puzzles/greeting cards.
2 - 1 dozen teen-agers working as our teen sales team.
3 - One assistant to help me bring my ideas to life and to help us track the new and the old projects/products and one to help us focus on the customers.
4 - The website completely updated with all the bells and whistles we seek.
5 - A major vending piece in the summer and for the 2009 holidays, which will give us 4 for the year.
6 - 6 magazine mention/articles as the fun, hot, must-have product.
7 - At least 10 more sizeable custom jobs for the year.
8 - Noticeable profit for everyone involved, especially for the ones who've patiently stuck with us for the long haul.
9 - to grow from there in 2010 (even if a new baby joins the family).

So forget the resolutions. Anyone else have some goals/ideas for 2009?


Theresa said...

Happy New Year Monica! I love your goals.

My one and only goal is to be a better person. I'm going to post about it later but there is this woman in my town that just lost her husband and her stepchildren fought to live with her instead of their mother because of the wonderful, loving, unconditional person she is. When DCF did a home study of her they wrote amazing things about her kindness and love in her words and deeds. To be that type of person is my goal this year. Although, my goal should be to finally earn some money...after all it has been a year since I actually made a decent salary.

M2Mz said...

May your resolutions come true.

Happy New Year!

Monica said...

Thanks, M2Mz! I appreciate that! I am hoping the best for all of us this year.

Looney Mom™ said...

Very cool goals. I agree with you about resolutions; I like how you said it, "resolutions are mental prisons." I had never thought of them that way but that's exactly what they are.

I pray you reach your goals. And planning for a baby - very cool.

P.S. I noticed that the images attached to your blog design are missing. It appears they've been purged by my host. I will try to get them back or host them elsewhere so you can have them back. So sorry about that.