Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Get in the Game

For some reason the code I need to embed this won't pop up for me so I'll just say, here's a little video for you. And you can click when you are up to it.

So, I was just wondering. Are you one of those people who is still on the fence regarding who to vote for this Nov. 4th? I was just wondering - why? When the choice was Hillary or Barack, OK. I could see some confusion about what the real differences were other than the obvious. But that's a done deal now. So now you're still wondering Obama or McCain. Why? Because their beliefs are so much alike? Because their backgrounds are so similar? Because the differences in what they vow to do in office are negligible? I honestly can't understand not knowing by now - 13 days away. I've voted a few times now and I've done the lesser-of-2-evils kind of voting. I can see that. But this time? Really? You still don't know?

Now I presume you've heard all the debates and/or read articles and/or visited their websites and/or watched their infomercials and/or discussed all this with umpteen people at work and everywhere. I am guessing you can get the news from wherever you are so you do hear that too.

I'm curious. If you are on the fence and you come across my blog, will you be willing to share why you stay on the fence? I'm truly curious about what it could be that's got you so unsure. Now if it's that you just don't believe in sharing who your choice is, that's not on the fence. That's just being private and that's your right. I don't mind telling you my vote goes to Barack Obama because this is one of those times when I think it helps some people to know they are not alone in making this "radical" choice. I am curious though. Even the Bible will tell you that you must choose. There is no lukewarm, only hot or cold.

My concern? Whatever side you choose, you need to show it by actually voting. Lip service is not enough. And don't wait until the end of the day if you can help it. First thing in the morning. Take your children. Set your cell phone alarm to remind you if you have to wait until the end of the day. Or go on your lunch hour. A friend said we should get Nov. 4th off as a holiday so there are no excuses. I totally agree. It will be interesting to see how many people say Obama and then back out at the last minute - aka The Bradley Effect you've been hearing about - or even how many swear McCain but in their heart say Obama - The Reverse Bradley Effect. It's going to be interesting to see how many voting issues come up and claims of wrongdoing. Will it be another month-and-a-half-long counting process? Will it be a landslide? Will you get off the fence and go vote?

The world shall see. Watch that video yet?

Quick P.S.: Obama is awesome but remember he is NOT God. He is just a man trying to make a difference and to expect anyone to go in and save us all is unrealistic. Great if it happened, but maybe you shouldn't get your hopes up. It has taken years upon years to get to where we are. It is unfair to expect anyone to clean it up in just 4 years. Taxes go up whether they say they won't raise them or not. People lose jobs whether they say they will save the economy or not. Global warming continues whether we drill offshore or suddenly find all kinds of new ways to create safe, clean energy for ourselves. Take your realism to the voting booth with you. You are voting for the person who you truly think is going to try to do what they say they will and who best represents the majority of your interests. No one can represent your EVERY interest. All this goes for McCain too. Who would you want to work with on fixing our present state? Pick him.

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