Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let's Get Bizzy!

I'm very excited and if you know me, you know I don't say that often or easily. See my face here? It doesn't look excited but it is! (I was Simpsonized.)

I officially joined the business incubator I was looking to join so many months ago when I first heard the networking group went local. As soon as I knew I could sign up, I couldn't get to my email fast enough to click the link that led me to the registration page of their website. In no time, I was in like Flynn (who the heck is Flynn anyway?) and I emailed the incubator leader to let her know since we had been in touch a few times already. While I was there, I thought I'd go ahead and update my profile on the site because I had previously been a free member. Now I am the equivalent of Gold Status and I can't wait to see what the benefits afford me. It'll be nice to add them as options in our marketing plans since the cards this group will deal me are good ones but still need to be played with a certain amount of finesse.

Updating my profile led me to update my other networking profiles and consequently touch base with not only a former co-worker I hadn't seen since a wedding we both attended years ago, but a college friend I never expected to hear from again as well. It was a lovely little trip down memory lane. But back to the here and now.

I've been writing down what I feel our major business issues are so I can give the group as clear a picture as possible of what I'm looking to accomplish. But I also want to have all my thoughts out of my head so I can really listen to the others too. There is nothing quite so stimulating as a bunch of creative people all in one room trying to bring an idea to life.

I don't consider myself sexist. I do have the usual complaints about the occasional thoughtless male act. I also don't consider myself a feminist but I do shake my head at women who want to be all that they can be and all that men can be too yet wonder why they're feeling so stressed and divided. (We won't go here now.) But in this case, there's something about the strength of women and being surrounded by that in a group such as this. I have plenty of men with great business savvy pushing for us to succeed and I'm grateful. But I think it will take a woman to help us really get where we want to be while being the women/mothers/spouses we are.

This group starts the day after another group I am in comes to an official end, thus trading one thing for another and keeping the number of items on my priority list to reasonable amount. The timing just couldn't be better. This is going to be fun.

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