Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Scene with Daughter

"Mommy, can I talk to you privately?"

(Raised eyebrows and hands on hip.) Talk to me privately about what?

"Come in your room."

(Smirking now.) Your daddy is in there. That's not privately.

"Come in my room then." (Leads me by the hand.) "Sit down." (Turns on her light and closes her door with a huge grin on her face.) "Umm, when I was in the car, I was talking to daddy and I asked him if we can have a baby brother or sister."

I see. And what did he say?

"He said yes." (Stands up to bounce on her bed.) "I can be the big sister and Son can be the big brother! I'll take care of them. Change their diaper."

I see. And, uh, where is this baby going to come from?

"You and daddy can get married all over again!"

Of course.

"We'll have a carriage and he can ride on my bike."

I see.

"Ok, that's why I wanted to talk privately."

OK then. Thanks for the talk.

(Feeling slightly child pressured now.)

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