Monday, January 28, 2008

Internal Conversations

Where have you been, Monica?!

Oh, around.

Doing what? You haven't been blogging. Bad blogger!

Yes, yes. I know. I know. But you know what? I'm in a downcycle at the moment. You'll have to forgive me.

A downcycle?

Yes, I tend to have long spurts of energy and creativity (this last one has actually been going since I was pregnant with Daughter fours years ago) and then one day - poof! - I'm done. There's only enough energy to do what I need to do. See, I think I told you once I could be a little bit compulsive, a little bit of a perfectionist...

I've heard tales.

Silence! As I was saying, my body and I work really well together. No matter how much I may want to do something, when it's time to chill, my body just shuts down and refuses to let me do more the minimum.

What's the minimum?

Well, work, of course, because we do have 2 kids and a mortgage and a need to eat and drink. Mind you, work has been HECTIC. Beyond hectic and curiously enough, I'm not on a downcycle there. But there isn't much energy for much else. I go to work, I come home and do what I need to do. That's it.

What about your business?

This is one of those times when it has to sort of fend for itself, unfortunately. We have the puzzles in the store so they don't need me there, though there is a marketing idea I need to implement there. We have our new marketing person who is doing the thinking at the moment. Just have to wait to see what he comes up with. And we have our old marketing person who SHOULD be working on something for the 20008 holidays so she doesn't need me to bug her just yet. (I'll do it when I have a spurt of energy. Got to make sure she's on track. I am a perfectionist after all.)

Well, what about your business partner?

She is literally doing the work of 3 people at her job. She's sort of out of commission herself unless I tell her I need her to do something. Then she does it. But being proactive is out of the question for her at the moment, I'm afraid.

And home?

Home is great. I do have the energy to take care of it because I think I told you I wanted to do a little more nesting this year. So Saturday I ran around getting a few more things for the kids' bathroom so I could finally get the stupid shower curtains up and a curtain at the window. Boy is my bathroom floor happy (and drier) now! And after church on Sunday, I cleaned more stuff out of my office, purging the 2006/2007 papers and sending them to live in the garage until maybe 2010 or 2011. I should be able to toss those by then, yes? I also relegated the two bins full of baby stuff to the garage as well until - until - just until. Now doing all this meant I had to also do a little straightening in the garage so I did that too because I REFUSE to have my garage look like a forgotten storage unit. So after shifting things around in there and tossing some stuff out, I went back to my office to finish things up and now I finally have the space created for the 2 bookcases I will be getting. Honest! There are empty spaces on 2 of my walls where bookcases will soon live. I did more online shopping and nothing is topping those Ikea bookcases in terms of not only price but size. They seem to offer more room than others I found. My feet were killing me by the end of the night but there is nothing left to do in that office now except give everything a home. I'm working on that.

Sounds like you're rolling along then!

I am indeed.

So you aren't REALLY doing nothing.

No, never not doing nothing. That would be just boring for me. Just doing less right now. Some things are simmering on the back burner, some are cooking with gas. I get my hair done. That's something, yes? I take Son to his cub scout stuff. That's something else. It's all good.

So when will you be blogging again?

What? I just did, silly!

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