Sunday, December 02, 2007

We're Live!

My husband thought I had fallen off the face of the earth but my partner and I could not start working on our labels and such until after church was over. It is her job after all.

I got some displays we needed, she printed labels, her cousin helped and it took much longer than we thought it would but with a little less than an hour until the store closed, we ran out of the church and off to set up our product.

It's beautiful. This is our whole section top to bottom. The wall with the window is right next to those black shelves next to ours.

And this is us a little closer up and clearer.

Our new holiday cards should be ready this week. We'll go back in and replace all the more generic cards with those, add our updated business cards (which are currently being held hostage by UPS) and add a table underneath to put our business information - thus freeing up a shelf - and we're set until close to Kwanzaa when we'll go back in and swap out for those. Hopefully we'll sell out of the holiday cards before that happens but as long as we sell a certain amount to make the tiniest of profit, we're happy and can work to improve sales.

This gives us a chance to do some things we needed to be in a store to do like test a new product, change our packaging, etc. I can't exude in writing the excitement I feel right now because frankly I'm too busy thinking about what our gameplan will be next year.

This golden opportunity is just so perfect and today God confirmed it in His message through our pastor. I've said it before to countless people and I'll say it again here, in case someone didn't know this already. Seven is the number of completion. So for us, 2007 ends 10 years of working toward where we are right now. The number 8 means new beginnings. What was the sermon about today? You guessed it. New beginnings and being open to God birthing in you whatever it is He has for your life.

We expected 2008 to be a year of new beginnings for us and by faith, it started December 1st.

To my partner: We made it to the top of the mountain. Before we set out for that promised land, let's enjoy the view for a moment, shall we?

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