Tuesday, September 11, 2007


My son wants to be a Cub Scout. I don't know if it's truly his original thought, inspired by the flier that was sent home yesterday. Or if it's mostly influenced by the fact that a friend of his is in it. But when I asked him why he wanted to do it, his first response was he heard they teach you how to skateboard. I can't argue with this reasoning since it's rarely bad to learn how to do new things, though I have a hard time believing skateboarding is one of their activities. Having been a Brownie myself (never fully cooked to Girl Scout. Just wasn't in me.), I do see the benefit in doing something like this but should we let him? I keep seeing dollar signs and drains on my remaining energy.

So I took him to the info meeting last night, to his surprise, since we were on our way to the library when he tells me the flier sent home mentioned the meeting would be that very night. (Thanks for the advanced notice, guys.) But when he comes to me with reasonable requests, I have to find a way to honor them. Going to a meeting was the least I could do.

Since I didn't have a flyer but there was a sign conveniently posted near the library (with no address), I figured out where the church was that it was to be held. Eons pass with us listening to the den leader - nice guy if not a little loquacious. They build cars, they sleep over on battle ships, and oh yes, older kids do have some sort of skateboarding badge they can earn. Say what? It's not expensive - to register - but I see now that signing him up for Cub Scouts (Tiger Cub for his age) is like enlisting the whole darn family! They expect up to - gasp! - par-ti-ci-pate!

I already have a job and other stuff to do. I already promised my 3rd child to the PTA this year by actually putting myself on a committee. (Parental guilt is probably how the ranks of the PTA continue to grow.) The scouts want me to be there too! fundraising and helping and stuff! Groan! And some troops meet EVERY WEEK! Oh yes, that is what I was told. That's not including the monthly meeting with the larger group. Are they nuts? Am I for even considering it?

But I asked him again.

"Do you REALLY want to do this?"



"I can learn things, and make new friends, and it will be fun."

Now he chooses to get logical. Darn it. There is a meeting on the 19th so Son can see who his den leader would be should we decide to go through with this. I told Husband he needs to go because he would be as integral a part of this as I would be. I'll let you know what we decide.

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